Tailoring Shiny for Modern Users Lindsay Jorgenson
& John Coene
ShinyConf 2024

Icon showing a building and a magnifying glass.

Background | What is the Profile?

The ASTHO Profile of State and Territorial Public Health is a longitudinal census that began in 2007 and is fielded every three years to state and territorial health agencies with funding from CDC and RWJF.

Icons that represent the following program areas: Governance, Structure, Activities, Finance, Workforce, Planning and Quality Improvement, Healthy Equity, and Informatics

Background | Why is it Useful?

Advocated for funds

Onboard senior leaders

Track trends

Use in needs assessment

Use for strategic planning


Background | Before…

Icon showing a person.
Modern Users

Modern Users | Wants and Needs

A comic of people discussing how to appeal to gen-z. For full description, click on the link that reads, show description.

Modern Users | Guiding Principals

An Illustration of a very cluttered and chaotic-feeling dashboard.

An image of a minimal, clean, and organized-looking dashboard with only two graphs and hidden text.

minimize visual clutter

offer interpretation

few charts per page

make it fun

hide extra text

make it accessible

Modern Users | Accessibility with Adobe Color

image of a color wheel with five colors indicated

image with a green checkmark next to text, which reads, No conflicts found, swatches are color blind safe.

image of five colors used in the shiny app, green, orange, yellow, light blue, and dark blue.

image of how the color palette looks for individuals with various forms of color blindness.

Modern Users | Accessibility with CCA

Icon showing a trend line graph.
Profile Dashboard

QR Code to access dashboard }

Profile | Data Stories Demo

Profile | Data Stories Code

I created a GitHub repository to show the code behind the data stories structure. You can find the code here and the app here. Shout out to Madoc Marshall who developed this structure.

Profile | Page Collapse

Profile | Filtering

Next Steps

  • Add a toggle to overlay bars and maps with a pattern to enhance accessibility and b/w printing.
  • Enhance accessibility for ADA compliance.
  • Increase mobile friendliness.
  • Allow users to create their own comparison groups.
  • Continue adding data stories.
  • Support open source.

An Illustration showing a bar graph with colors overlaid with patterns.